Phystrac helps patients to get rid of their carpal tunnel syndrome symptoms successfully.

The earlier you treat carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS), the faster the patient can function again, pain-free. More and more physiotherapists, obstetricians and plastic surgeons are treating CTS patients with the Phystrac traction device. This treatment method is simpler and has proven more effective than an operation.


Do I have carpal tunnel syndrome?

Around 5 percent of the population experiences daily pain as a result of carpal tunnel syndrome. These are very common symptoms.
Do you have CTS? Get treatment quickly, because the sooner you do, the greater your chance of recovery.
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Treatment with Phystrac works!

Independent scientific research has recently been conducted into the effect of treating CTS with the Phystrac traction device. What was the result? Treatment with Phystrac is much more effective than an operation! And physiotherapy is also reimbursed by a lot of insurers. Read about the study >

Make an appointment and experience it yourself

We think it’s important for as many CTS patients and practitioners as possible to hear about Phystrac and have successful results with the Phystrac traction device. Find a Phystrac practitioner near you and experience it yourself.Find Practitioner>


Take the first step towards a pain-free life today!

Research has shown that Phystrac is the most effective and patient-friendly method for combatting carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS). That’s why more and more physiotherapists work with the Phystrac traction device. 80% of CTS patients treated don't need an operation. This is evident from patient files kept by physiotherapists who have been working with PHYSTRAC for over 10 years and have treated over 500 patients per centre. Out of this group of CTS patients treated with PHYSTRAC, only 8% come back for new treatment after a period of more than 5 years. Make an appointment with a Phystrac practitioner near you, today!


Advantages of a Phystrac treatment compared to an Operation:



No medication

100% safe

You can function as normal

Start immediately

70% success rate

Low cost



Medication during and after the operation

Relatively safe (chance of infection)

You are out of action for months

Often a waiting list

Chance of complications

High costs