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“The results of this clearly showed that the PHYSTRAC method was more successful than the usual methods and led to almost half as many surgical operations.”

“In my Surgical and Sports Medicine practice, I often come across people suffering from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). This is compression of the middle nerve in your wrist, the Median Nerve, which is associated with obstructive, painful and often debilitating symptoms. The usual treatments of rest, splinting and cortisone injections only give limited relief and these patients therefore often have surgery, an operation that occasionally has complications, but also considerable remaining symptoms.
My interest was piqued by a thesis on this subject in December 2016. In this, Dr Margreet Meems described a well-organised scientific study, a randomised controlled trial (RCT), in which she compared the usual conservative treatment methods with treatment using the PHYSTRAC device. With this device, the treating physiotherapist puts traction on the wrist and thus the carpal tunnel, for an average of 6 to 12 sessions. “The results of this trial (RCT) clearly showed that the PHYSTRAC method was more successful than the usual methods and led to almost half as many surgical operations.
These results have been borne out by a range of recent experiences in daily practice and provide adequate reason to recommend sincerely this safe, relatively patient-friendly treatment method. ”

Dr Cees-Rein van den Hoogenband, Surgeon

“75% of patients are symptom-free after 8 treatments on average”

“In the past few years, we have already helped many patients with diverse symptoms ranging from fingertip to shoulder. This includes a lot of patients with carpal tunnel syndrome.
Since 2006, we have worked with the Phystrac GT 10 traction device in our practice to treat carpal tunnel syndrome. This traction, in combination with hand therapy, has proved to be an effective treatment for carpal tunnel syndrome.
With mild symptoms, 8 treatments are often sufficient, with more severe symptoms more treatments are often required.
In 2015, we did a follow-up study on 180 former patients.
The aim of this practical analysis was to find out the effect of treatment with the Phystrac traction device in the long term. The effect of the treatments with the Phystrac traction device is that 75% of the patients were symptom-free after 8 treatments. It also showed that, even years later, there was still no need for an operation.
The effect of the traction is usually still supported with taping and a splint at night.
We see CTS as a disorder with several components and our manual therapist also assesses the neck function and treats this if necessary.”

Frank Rekers and Marc Wijngaarden, Handtherapie Geldrop

“A very promising alternative to injecting and cutting: traction with the Phystrac”

CTS seems to be occurring more and more frequently. A relatively simple condition, for which the usual treatment path is referral to a neurologist and then a surgeon or plastic surgeon. A corticosteroid injection is an alternative that is used frequently, but that’s not much fun either and possibly less effective.
“Doctor, I don't want an injection and I really don't fancy an operation” is what one of my (most) outspoken patients once said as he walked into the surgery. “Haven't you got anything else? I’ve done some googling myself and found something about pulling on the hand. That could really help. It’s done using some kind of device and every physio seems to have one these days.”
This was my first introduction to the Phystrac. The fact that every physio had one, may have been a slight exaggeration, but sure enough, after calling round for less than 15 minutes, I found a physio who used a Phystrac (and was very happy with it). My outspoken patient got his referral and a little while later gave me a thumbs up from the waiting room, to indicate his satisfaction. “Use it more often, Doc”, he added with a wink.
This case was a few years ago now. The traction treatment for CTS is increasingly becoming the more attractive alternative to injections and/or an operation to the complete satisfaction of patients and doctors.”

Reinier de Groot, Dispensing General Practitioner, Oldemarkt

“This device helps to relieve symptoms without an operation.”

“Many people put up with these symptoms for a long time, because they think that an operation is the only solution. We treat people for this with the Phystrac GR10. A device that has been specially-developed for this complaint. The treatment is painless. Research has shown that 73% of people benefit from it. Sometimes the treatment is supplemented with massage of the underarm and the neck muscles. This treatment is the solution for relieving symptoms without an operation.”

Anne-Carel Michon, Physiotherapy Health Emmen

“70% of our patients experience an improvement”

“I have already been working with this method for fifteen years and I am very pleased with the continued development of the Phystrac-traction device. In our practice around 70% of the patients with pure carpal tunnel syndrome benefit from the treatment. In some cases we have even been able to prevent an operation. Some people are quick to opt for an operation, but in my opinion there is a good alternative for it. Furthermore, Phystrac treatments as part of physiotherapy are often reimbursed by health insurers. I therefore think it is important for more consumers to find about Phystrac.”

Rob Oostenrijk, Physiotherapist at Tigra Utrecht