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Phystrac is for anyone who suffers from carpal tunnel syndrome (CTS) and for all doctors and therapists who want to treat this condition successfully.


What is carpal tunnel syndrome?

CTS is compression of the middle nerve in the hand (the median nerve) just above the wrist joint. This nerve runs from the underarm to the hands and can become compressed as a result of swelling in the carpal tunnel, the ‘tube’ in your wrist that all of the tendons and nerves run through. The carpal tunnel can become irritated and swell up due to over use of the hand, a wrist injury, or if the body is retaining fluid, as a result of pregnancy or illness for example.

What are the symptoms?

Common symptoms of CTS are tingling, burning, pins and needles, numb or stiff fingers or hand, (radiating to the arms and shoulders) pain and loss of strength in the hand. The symptoms can worsen with certain activities. A lot of patients experience more pain at night, resulting in poor sleep. CTS can be very painful and debilitating.

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Who gets carpal tunnel syndrome?

Research has shown that around 5 percent (!) of the population suffers from CTS. The condition occurs frequently in (pregnant) women and in professionals who make a lot of repetitive movements with their hands. Known risk groups are computer users, assembly line workers, hairdressers, butchers, rebar workers and cashiers.

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