Financing > Buy or Lease?

With everything you need for your business you can ask yourself, should I buy this or lease it? If you have the budget to buy a Phystrac device, it seems logical to invest money in it. This is a choice that depends on your financial and organisational situation.


Financial Lease

Continuing to invest in innovation and modernisation is very important for the continuity of your practice. However, the full costs of modernisation don’t have to come out of your reserves immediately. A financial lease is similar to a loan, where the object serves as security.


The advantages for you are:

Liquid assets and bank credit remain available.
100% of the purchase price is financed.
For those not subject to VAT, the VAT can be included in the lease.
The lease can be paid with the money that PHYSTRAC yields.
Insured against fire and theft.
No extra insurance required.
Predictable fixed monthly sums throughout the term, no risk.
Normal depreciation in 5 years.
Client becomes the economic owner, entitled to the annual investment allowance (28% up to €54,324.00).
The interest over the term of the lease is also fully deductible as a cost in the profit and loss account.

More information?

For more information on purchasing or a financial lease, please contact one of our sales advisers. Call us or fill in the contact form to submit your question.